Mary's Marketing Plan for Sellers

Advertisement in Broadcast and Print Media

Personalized Plan

  1. Listing presentation

    1. FREE comprehensive evaluation of your home to determine its accurate market price.
    2. Compare other homes in the neighborhood that are currently for sale and where they set their prices.
    3. Discuss current market situation in your area.
    4. Discuss any special situation that you may have. (Example: concurrent closing or rent back)
    5. Recommend ways to make your home look like a model home

  2. Launch a marketing campaign to attract as many buyers as possible

    1. Custom design a color flier. (Click on thumbnail to zoom in)
      Color flyer Color flyer Color flyer Color flyer Color flyer Color flyer Color flyer Color flyer Color flyer
    2. Install flyer holder outside the home for black-and-white fliers.

    3. Install RE/MAX 2000 "For Sale" sign.

    4. Advertise your home in multiple newspapers of different languages. (Click on thumbnails to zoom in)
      Newspaper ad
      English newspaper ad
      Chinese newspaper ad
      Korean newspaper ad

    5. Advertise your home in real estate magazine.
      Magazine ad Magazine ad Magazine ad

    6. Advertise your home on post cards mailed to targeted areas.
      Post card ad Post card ad

  3. Advertise online to attract additional prospects

    1. List your home on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for nationwide exposure.
    2. Provide a 360° virtual tour of your home.
    3. Prominently display your home as the Featured Home on my web site's main page.

  4. Conduct open house and solicit offers from quality buyers.
  5. Talk to agents who have showed your home and ask for their buyers' comments and thoughts.
  6. Discuss the agents feedback with you.
  7. Provide you with a monthly market update for your area.
  8. Alert you to neighbors who decide to sell their homes after you listed yours, and their asking prices.
  9. Assist you with the escrow process so the transfer of ownership will be quick, smooth, and on-time.